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A strange person February 23, 2006

Posted by K in Friends.

I know a girl who does strange things. She used to be a good friend of mine. But not any more. I didn’t like her strangeness.

I felt queer when I was with her after a point of time…I felt small, insignificant, an unattractive, bumbling fool. She picked another friend. Ganged up with her, I felt, in letting loose cruel, witty one liners that made me feel terrible, and left others laughing. I admired her talent.

Naturally I thought the fault lay in me. That I couldn’t take it sportingly, that I didn’t have a fast tongue. The cumulation of all these feeling led to an incident of crying. I cried. Had to be encouraged though; it was an unfamiliar experience 🙂

Now I know she does it to others as well. It was’t something about me specifically. I know her latest victim. Love her, she’s my friend. There is nothing in her that marks her as inferior to the Strange One. And I know that I didn’t necessarily over react in my time. It relieves me. I shed the load of two years the day before yesterday.



1. pallavi - March 11, 2006

love your new template and about the post 🙂

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